Friday, February 18, 2011

Debt Problems?

Here's some useful info about debt that you probably didn't know about. Let's say you're $10,000 in debt, and you don't know how to get rid of it. Your job sucks, you're stressed about everything, and the last thing you need is to accrue more debt. There's a simple way to get rid of it over time that's as easy as pie.


See, there's this thing called the statute of limitations. Basically it limits the time frame in which legal action can be taken. Say for example, you happen to fight some guy back in high school and messed him up pretty badly. He can't come before you 30 years later and threaten to sue you or bring you to court. All legal action will expire within a certain time frame. This also works the same for debt. Let's say you lent $10.00 to a friend in middle school, and 30 years later he knocks on your door asking you where that $10.00 is. Ridiculous right? Ok. Going back to $10,000 in debt, all you have to do is figure out your states statute of limitations on debt collections. (*will post a link at the bottom for that) Creditors will only hassle you for a few months of delinquent payments before they throw the towel in and sell your debts off to a collections agency for pennies on the dollar. Creditors see that they can't get you to pay them, so they'll get what they can out of third party collectors. So at that point, it's just you and the collection agency. Of course, they hassle the hell out of you, calling your cell, calling your work, sending you mail, but don't respond to anything. The moment you admit or pay anything to these collectors, your statute of limitations goes back to square one. So the most important thing here is to not say a thing. 

Let's say your statute of limitations is 4 years and it's already been 5 years since your last  payment or obligation to your creditor. You're done! They can't hassle you anymore, and best of all, you don't owe anyone anything! If at this point, a collector still tries to get money out of you, all you have to do is state that they've reached the statute of limitations and they have no right to collect the alleged funds from you and if they continue to hassle you press charges, or something like that. Now, you have no hassle! It's a pretty simple process. Get debt, don't pay, wait for statute of limitation to expire, no more debt. Amazing huh? This is great especially for people who are thousands of dollars in debt. After everything expires, you're on your way to building back your credit. How many times have you heard your friends tell you about how much debt they're in? Just tell them this, and they'll be on their way to a debt free life. 

the link to state statute of limitations:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Want to score a retail job? Here's some basic advice for you along with a few sample questions that would most likely be addressed to you in your next job interview.

Step 1: Be prepared. Don't skimp out on anything. Do your homework, be competent, learn about the company and the position in which you are applying for. It's great to have side notes like this just in case you get to talk to your interviewer before the interview even starts. You should know this most of all; the first impression is the lasting impression. So make that effort. Be the first person to extend the handshake. Smile, eye contact, you should pretty much know the obvious pointers going into this.
*tip: punctuality, physical appearance, and posture can usually result in an immediate  "yes" or "no".

Step 2: Here, I will set you up with some sample questions along with some sample answers. Let's say you're applying for an assistant manager position at a retail clothing store in the mall.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself.
A: "I'm a well structured individual with excellent organizational skills. I set my goals above my expectations to prove to myself that the sky is not the limit and that I can always rise above. Last year I was recognized for consistent multiple sales and the best customer reviews from our online survey site at my current job."

Say something along the lines of that. It's a plus if you incorporate actual numbers into your background. Know annual and current sales. Conversion is a number you should know, average dollar sale, and unit per transaction numbers all work here. But, this is all considering you have previous or current history with retail. *tip: If this is your first job ever in retail, wait until the season for hiring comes around, usually back to school (end of summer), and right before Christmas you can pretty much guarantee yourself a seasonal position.

Q: What is your greatest weakness?
A: Whenever I have a project due, meeting deadlines are not good enough to me. I would rather complete the project well before the due date.

If you get a question like that, don't ever mention actual weaknesses, for instance, "I can only handle one customer at a time." Consider some development skills. Say something that won't count as a complete negative against you. For example, impatience can be both good and bad. You are impatient because you want to be better so you double your workload. The pros of that would be that you're development is rapidly increasing. The cons of that would be that you're completing things before deadlines or due dates, which are made for a reason.

Q: How do you handle stress?
A: Stress is a necessity for me. It is important to have an equal balance of good and bad stress in your life in order to motivate yourself and stay productive.

That is a great answer. Again, don't highlight anything that could count against you, instead reply with a positive note. Bottom line, be confident in yourself. Practice this over and over, don't give up!

So, this is my basic guide for you to get your favorite retail job. Remember that a job is a job, and anywhere you work, you will eventually have the same feelings of negativity. Working for retail will definitely spawn some of these feelings, but in the end, you're getting paid and the person that gave up, isn't. So grow some balls, man up, and take the bull by the horns. If you work hard, you will always accomplish, even if its as little as self satisfaction. Don't be swayed by negativity!

Good luck with your interview, hope this helps!